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Customer Feedback

Very high quality pins but some of the glitter was a bit messier than I would have liked. I did get them remade as another listing/shipment without the glitter, and those were amazing. Shipment was very quick and they were very friendly and willing to deal with any issues/concerns I had.

Henry Benzamin Clark

The whole experience with this factory was amazing! Emily Zhang was so helpful, together with the designer they helped me to decide all the details so the pins would look the best they could. The quality is amazing. Really exceeded expectations! If I will have more orders upcoming – no doubt will come back. Thank you guys and good luck!

Kristine Perrak

I can’t recommend this company enough. Super cheap pins, only tiny amount of flaws (some people would not even see them) and incredibly fast manufacturing and shipping. I would have them few days earlier but Alibaba did not send me email notification that I have new message so Amy had to contact me via email. I am looking forward to more orders because quality/price is amazing. Please don’t be scared to use this company, they are reliable, cheap, great quality and great service!

Robert Linken

Amazing company. They offer high quality pins for a good price and will get it done quickly with fast shipping. Sabrina provides great communication with every order and the items arrive exactly how I wanted it. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a long term supplier

John Doe

Mary and her team have been amazing. I have ordered three pin designs and have loved every single one of them. Quick replies through messages, fast work, fast shipping, and AMAZING quality. Will purchase again and again!

Liyana Torq

I’ve been getting my pins made for the past 4 years from this company and every time they have gone above and beyond creating the best quality pins, Eudora has always been the best rep ive used. always look forward to using them again!

Benzamin Clark