Custom Challenge Coins

Enjoy free design service to create superb-quality custom challenge coins online with Syd bulk order at wholesale pricing, shortest turnaround times, and no minimum order limits.

Why Custom Challenge Coins by syd?

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Customized Challenge Coin Types

Custom Police Coins

● Create memories and sentiments of gratitude for those who Protect and Serve.

● Feature service slogans and badges, personal achievements, and unit affiliation. 

Law Enforcement Coins

● Award dedication and bravery for officers with exceptional performance in public service.

● Gifted to exceptional detectives, police officers, or other law enforcement personnel.

Custom Military Coins

● Created to mark retirement and promotion milestones or reward courage and sacrifice.

● Feature unit motto, flag, and unit insignia. May include info awardee honor/award.

Custom Marine Corps Coin

● Recognizes Marine Corps faithfulness to the nation and exemplary performance in mission.

● Can show Marine Corps creation date, emblem, motto, and specific occasion info.

Custom Army Coins

● Maintain a tradition of rewarding loyalty and courage in winning our battles. 

● Engraved with unit emblem, symbolic slogans and patterns, and mission achievement info.

Custom Air Force Coins

● Created to honor exceptional performance by Air Force personnel, promotions, or retirement.

● Awarded to active or veteran Air Force personnel with outstanding performance records.

Customized Coins Types

Soft Enamel Coins

3D Cast Coins

Hard Enamel Coins

Heteromorphism Coins

Die Struck Coins

Hollow Out Coins

Fully Customizable Options

Standard Edge

Bezel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Spur Edge

Oblique Edge

Rope Edge

Petal Edge

Reeded Edge

Custom Made Challenge Coins in Bulk Super Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the smallest and largest challenge coin size you can make?

The standard patch size is 1.5″ to 3″. If you have other size requirements, please contact us .

3.What is the standard thickness of the coin?

Standard thickness from 3mm to 4mm, but also depending on the coin size.

5.Do challenge coins have regular shapes, thickness, and size?

It depends on your coin specifications. We create top-quality coins with your desired custom cut-out shape. The size of customized challenge coins is usually 2″, and our standard coin thickness is 3 mm. Additional thickness comes with extra costs.

2.Can you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we can ship to APO/FPO addresses by FedEx.

4.What are the challenge coins made out of?of the coin?

Our challenge coins are made from a wide range of materials, including zinc and steel. Zinc allows more details but has lighter and non-magnetic coins. Steel coins are sturdy but accommodate fewer details.

6.What are offset printed coins?

With offset printed coins, the ink is not applied directly to the coin. Instead, the image is printed on a rubber blanket and then transferred onto the coin surface. Regardless, the printing craft produces a design with perfectly clear colors and patterns.